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How To Perform Smith Machine Squats
smith machine squats

Working on the muscles and joints - "Frog pull" - 20-50 times - This exercise should be carried out on the bench, you can on the bed. Sit on the edge of the bed, then lie on your back, hands behind your head (but, as with any other exercise, do not close your fingers into the lock, otherwise the spine will get the wrong load).

Legs bend at the knees and tighten them to the stomach. Then straighten the body, but do not put it completely, muscles need to be on their toes. Then tighten the legs. Knees while you can breed. Exercise excellent working muscles of the lower press.

Reverse Crunch 20-50 - Lie on your back, arms at your sides, position, raise your legs and bend your knees (you can straighten the legs up to complicate the exercise). Lift the hips off the floor so if you're going to get up on the blades, but not too high. On hand you should rely as little as possible, forced to work your abdominal muscles. Often in this exercise legs raised inertia, so be careful not to press it worked. More detailed info is available at

Twists Callanetics - Unlike the exercise of traditional crunches then it is done in statics. Here is an example of such exercises 1/100, you raise the body (the body lying on the back) and hold it for 100 seconds (one rise - 100 seconds). Remember, rest one minute allowed after a certain number of twists follow Callanetics (start with 2-3 and gradually increase their number).

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